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Hello, I am full-stack developer. I mostly work with JavaScript (Node.js, React, Express), MongoDB, PostgreSQL & Python. Also it's fun for me to learn new technologies while building projects. If you want to work with me feel free to share your ideas, i am happy to work on it.

I'm like to work on system design, distributed systems and algorithmic problem solving.

Once in a while, I write blog articles. Here are the most recent onces: Blog




Software Engineer

Digiteck Services

System Engineer

System engineer and Networking system consultant.


Gujarat Technological University

Aug 2011 - July 2015

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering



Todoist Clone App - React / Firebase

Build a Todoist clone app with React & firebase. Added backend of the application to the firebase, which saves data to the firebase. Frontend of the app is Build with React.js. This app is clone of Todoist which is most famous todolist app.

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Social Media App - React / Firebase

Build a Twitter like social media app using firebase. Frontend of the app build using React.js User can login and signup with secure login routes. User can add scream, like other users scream, comment on scream or delete it. Also app has comment on comment feature where users can comment on own scream or other users scream.

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Website Performance Chrome Extention

This chrome browser extention measures website perormance by calculating LCP (Least Contentful Paint), TTFB (Time to first byte), FID (First input delay), FCP (First contentful paint), CLS scores. It Measure Core Web Vitals in JavaScript.

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React E-commerce Store with Paypal Gateway

Build a E-commerce store using React & Paypal Payment Gateway. Website having product page with all listed item, items can added to store for checkout. Once product added to cart then it's ready for checkout. In cart page user can add and remove items or checkout & buy products.

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Earthquake Magnitude Data Visualization

Build Earthqake data visualization using p5.js, which shows earthquake magnitude of all diffrent regions on world map as per data given. This site uses earthquake data given by USGS for all earthquake happened in past all over the world.

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Path-Finding Algorithm

Build a Path-Finding algorithm which uses A* search algorithm to find optimal distance between two point on a given map. A* search alogrithm is a fastest among all search alogrithm in many cases which is implemented here. See demo at given link.

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Flocking Simulation build with p5.js

What is a boid? The term (coined by Craig Reynolds in the 1980s) refers to an individual agent in a flocking simulation. Basically, you can think of each “boid” as a bird that moves around its environment according to the behaviors we’ve programmed it with. Flocking simulations approximate the behaviors of birds, or fish, or whatever other agents might move and flock to one another. By giving each individual agent a simple set of rules to follow, very interesting and beautiful patterns will emerge in the flock.

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